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Yachts Charter – Total cost & FAQ

Total cost & FAQ

If you are thinking of renting a luxury yacht, one of the main questions is: what does it really cost to rent a yacht? What is the final price that I will pay? What total investment that I will make for my vacation? What is and isn’t included?  What is the reservation process? We will try to solve your interrogations in the following article.


The first and most important decision, which will determine your final satisfaction with the service received during your vacation, is the choice of the charter agency.

In Marina Estrella Charter we have the largest portfolio of luxury yachts for charter. Our attention is totally personalized, careful and confidential, so taking into account your needs and the type of vacations you are looking for we can offer different available options to you.

It is very important to contact us in advance as we will have more variety of available boats on your dates, so you can decide among more alternatives.

If you want to change your destination or have not yet decided, our team can advise you on the best destinations and routes for your vacations.

What does the price include?

When we talk about crewed sailing, catamaran or motoryachts, the price includes the boat rental, agency fees, crew fees unless it is clearly specified (the number of crew staff depends on the boat), the insurances (both of the ship, as of the occupants and the crew) and in many occasions the mooring in base port or buoy, but it depends on the boat in question.

From Marina Estrella Charter we will always inform you clearly of what the price includes or not. Any questions that may arise regarding this point will be clearly resolved.

What does not include the price?

The price of the charter does not include in any case the fuel, the moorings outside the base port, transfer or car rentals, and meals or drinks.

To deal with them, prior to boarding the APA is paid (Advanced Provisioning Allowance)

How many people make up the crew?

The minimum crew on yachts over 20 meters length is 2 persons, captain and stewardess or sailor. The bigger the ship and the higher the category, the more people will have to meet your needs and those of your guests. We offer boats with up to 7 people in the crew at your service.

In case you decide for a yacht with three crew members (captain, stewardess and sailor) and you need the services of a professional chef who makes the best menus for you and your guests, we will take care of selecting a chef among the best candidates, previously informing you about their fees and best abilities.

What does the crew do?

About two weeks before boarding we will put you in touch with the captain of the ship to specify the embark details and, above all, to know your preferences and those of your guests.

Once you get to the ship everything will be ready to sail. A few glasses of the chosen champagne will be waiting for you with a welcome cocktail.

From that moment you will not have to worry about anything. The crew at your service will manage moorings or buoys in the places you want to visit, book the restaurants, take care of keeping the boat clean, service 24/7, they can entertain the children with games … that is, your be accommodated will be as in a five-star hotel,, with sunrises in different places and with accessibility to areas where you can only access by sea.

What is the APA?

The APA normally corresponds to 25-30% of the rental price. It is a provision of funds that covers the expenses that are generated during your stay (meals, drinks, fuel, and rental of extra nautical toys …). It is deposited either in cash or by bank transfer and is managed directly by the captain.

Once the rental is completed, the captain informs about the list of expenses and the remaining balance is returned together with the invoices and purchase tickets generated.

Tip for the crew?

No amount is established, but a tip of between 5 and 15% is usually given depending on the satisfaction with their service. It is given to the captain and he is responsible for distributing it among the crew.

What is the reservation process?

Once you have decided on one of the options that we present to you, we proceed to book it.

The reservation is made with the rental contract between the charterer and the ship-owner with the agency Marina Estrella Charter as intermediary and the payment of 50% of the rental price.

One month before the date of embark, the balance of 50% + APA + VAT will be paid.

The VAT depends on the area where the Charter is enjoyed. In Spain it is 21% of the price, but if you wish to sail in other destinations we will inform you about the tax that is applied in each case.

Then, in order to offer you the best service, we will send you a list of preferences, in order to gather information so that the crew is ready for your arrival.

Among other questions, we will ask you about the type of food that you like and ingredients, drinks on board, about whether you want the crew to stay totally on your side offering you all the privacy or prefer that they interact more with you with the children, if any of you have allergies, your favourite appetizers or the favourite foods of the children in the case that there are among many others. Everything will be ready for you to just take care to enjoy.

Dare to experience a customized luxury charter experience with Marina Estrella Charter. We assure you that you will repeat!


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